Analytics Services

Checkmark Analytics brings you skilled senior data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts backed by a skilled support team.  We have assisted many customers – large and small - in various industries including telecoms, banking, mining, and retail in wrangling complex data problems into solutions. 

CheckMark Analytics

We have vast experience in the management of accounting data including Forensic Data analysis and Computer Assisted Analysis Technologies (CAATS).  Our agile team is geared toward providing frequent client centered results that drive innovation and performance.


CAATS- Computer Assisted Analysis Technologies and Solutions.

Battle-tested software to ingest data from major accounting systems and tools to perform analyses on all the common accounting processes.

Big Data Analytics

Scalable cloud engineering and design - by certified cloud engineers - of large SQL and NOSQL data systems.

Graph database analysis and management.

Machine Learning, Statistics and Predictive Analytics.

Chatbots, facial recognition and convolutional neural networks.

Forensic Analysis

Build large scale link analyses.

Analyse procurement data to identify high risk transactions and clients.

Import and analyse bank statements.

Evaluate the quantum of loss in legal matters.


Use UIPath to build robots, performing surface-level integration of existing IT applications and processes.

Business Information

Deploy reporting tools including dashboards and alarms.

Development of predictive and exploratory models by professional statisticians and data scientists to enhance and optimise business processes.

Mike Greyling

Advanced Analytics Director

Brent Pinkney

IT Infrastructure Engineer

Dr. Mark Paiker

Senior Statistician

Daniel Levin

Senior Developer


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