The only system in the world that blocks 100% of cyber-attacks within organization networks, including viruses, ransomware, trojan, data leakage, browser hijacking, intel’s specter and meltdown and Zero-day attacks.

The system prevents malware spreading using cryptographic mechanism based on chaos mathematics (registered patent approved US 9.838,368) without detection or prevention, but 100% blocking by the chaos engine.

How it works?

Complete Network Mapping
The agent creates three different inventory lists:
1. All the applications that are installed on the computer.
2. Separates all the applications that are used by the user.
3. Separates all the applications that uses network resources.

Software network behavior gets the version, hash and images of each application.

Analysis of each application, it’s images and network usage.

The Mapping Processes
Every process, every library file that loads is recorded. Every access of a process to another process is recorded, the system takes their MD5 and SHA signature.

Process 1
Process 2
Process 3
Process 4

Cyber 2.0 - Reverse Tracking

Our mechanism tracks the chain all the way back, using Reverse Tracking Technology, and blocks Outlook from going out to the network.

Getting Control Over the Network
Legitimate software – All the applications that were installed by IT and authorized to communicate over the network will be marked.
Illegitimate software – Applications that are not marked are by default illegitimate.
Disguised software – Will automatically be removed from the list.

All the applications are analyzed and checked before they are added to the list.

Chaos Engine
Legitimate outgoing traffic is scrambled, and legitimate incoming traffic is unscrambled.
Malicious outgoing traffic is not scrambled and malicious incoming traffic is descrambled.

Cyber 2.0 agent’s unique defense mechanism blocks malicious traffic using inverted algorithm which occurs at the end point, this way there is no influence over network performance, bypass attempt will fail, harming the integrity of the list breaks the chaos balance between computers, and the system will allocate incorrect ports.

Anti-Reverse Engineering
Cyber 2.0’s unique mechanism prevents any reverse engineering attempt over the system.
The chaos algorithm that changes every second does not allow injection of the reversed agent and communication over the network with other protected computers.

Complete Blocking Out of Organization
A dedicated Gateway is deployed between the network and the Firewall / various unsupported network devices which performs the same as Cyber 2.0 agent.