Deveshen Govender

IT Auditor & CFE

  • Bcom Internal auditing (University of Pretoria).
  • Honors Bcom Internal Auditing (University of Pretoria).
  • Industrial psychology – bridging course for Honors application.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (Completed).
  • BSC Applied mathematics and computer science (Completed first semester).
  • 2018 – ISO training.
  • Currently studying towards CISA.

Deveshen is an experienced IT auditor with a special interest in forensic auditing. His current duties primarily focus on IT audit work to provide assurance to External and Internal audit teams. His responsibilities include

  • IT Risk management.
  • IT Security (Application and Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery).
  • Gap analysis for key IT Frameworks (Cobit, ISO 27000 Family, NIST 800).
  • Change management.